Bell Target Air Rifle Shooting is amongst the oldest Pub and Club sports in the country.
This is the definitive site for information and has taken many years to complete.

Thanks to Walton Lions ARC of the Birmingham League for its continued sponsorship, keeping the light on as it were. 
It started in the 1890's after Queen Victoria was advised about the poor standard of shooting during the Boer War. Promoted by the likes of Lord Ednam and Baden Powell (Scouts Founder), by 1905 there was 1600 teams in Birmingham alone and 4000 nationally.

This site is dedicated to the education and promotion of this sport.

Bell Target shooting is an indoor sport using .177 Air Rifles shooting at an all Steel Bell Target at a distance of either 6 or 7yds.

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 Shows/ Fairs on their travelling rifle range.
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Old Bell Targets any condition.
We can use these to set up new clubs and promote the sport.

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