On this page we would like to list competitions that 6 or 7 yard bell shooters could take part in.


Dorset Postal League

This has a summer and winter league for 6 yard and 10 meter for both Rifle and Pistol.

There is individual and team sections.

Contact Point: Barrie email

Newport & District Postal Competition

Postal competition shot at 7 yards.

Summer Only

Contact Point: Keith Skidmore email

Airgun-Tec Forum Competitions

Email Competitions Rifle and Pistol shot at 6yd, 10m, 25m and 55 Yard.

Targets downloadable.

Contact Point:  Chris  Web Site

This link is for the Rifle look around for the Pistol.

UBC Weekly Competitions

Assorted weekly email Competitions

Contact Point Patrick (Paddy) Egan   LINK

Reeds Postal Leagues

Mainly 10m Postal Competitions email John Lucas  LINK

Other 10m Competitions with the NSRA


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