Aberdare Air Rifle Shooting League

They shoot on a unique Bell Plate not used anywhere else in the Bell World
They hold an annual open shoot in april and details are normally posted on here each year.

They have a facebook page;  LINK

Shoot at 7 yards. on a wednesday
At each match there is a draw to see who shoots rather than picking a team.
There is 8 shots with 7 scoring.
The plate is very different and has 8 rings:
A clean shot scores 10. If you cut the bull but the centre pip (must use round nose pellets) is touching the edge of the bull or closer, you score 9. The rings then drop from 8 to 1, with 0 scored if you hit the plate but not within the rings.

The bull is 3/8ths
The rings are then 0.166ths stepped from the bull.
The 7, 4 and 1 rings are set the same as most Bell Target rings at 1", 2" and 3" from the centre of the bull.
The rings are made using a 60degree tool cutting to a depth of 0.010" deep.

Currently the league has 6 teams.

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